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    Party Patrol Rentals has done a bunch of parties in Williamsburg over the past few years. One of our latest rentals came from the local YMCA, who wanted to come pick up a bounce house for a weekday rental. They were having an end of the summer party for all the campers and decided a bounce house would be a nice surprise for the kids. We gave them a superb deal because they were picking the unit up and it was during the week. They got such a good deal on it that they called back a few days after booking the first one to book a joust/bungee run! After poking around the website, they found something they thought the older kids could enjoy and were wondering what sort of deal we could give them. Again, the price was cheap because they were picking the unit up and it was during the week, but they were also renting two units, so they got an even bigger discount. If they had known what a great deal they could get, they said they would have done this more often throughout the summer! We hope that they come back next year numerous times!

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    As a family owned business, we understand how sticking to a budget can be very important. Our prices are always affordable and have been pretty consistent throughout the years. When expenses get higher and higher, we try to cut back in other ways so we do not have to raise prices for our customers. We hate having repeat customers from Williamsburg come back just to tell them that they have to pay more than last year. We do everything we can to avoid things like that. 


    One of the reasons we have such a good reputation across Western MA and Williamsburg is because we provide commercial grade equipment and it is always in near perfect condition. We inspect everything routinely throughout the season to make sure everything is safe and in good condition. Every inflatable is cleaned in between each use and sanitized on site when it is dropped off. We never store anything wet because that is how mold forms. It might be time consuming on our end, but it makes the equipment last longer and ensures that you are getting something completely clean and safe.

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