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Tent Rentals Northampton MA

A central location in Western MA, tent rentals in Northampton are always very popular!

Northampton MA Tent Rentals

Northampton MA is well known for music venues including the Calvin Theater, Iron Horse Music Hall, Pines Theater, The Elevens and The Academy of Music. Music is important to many celebrations including weddings, class dances and anniversary celebrations. Any occasion where there may be a DJ spinning tunes or a band ready to play the latest hits. Party Patrol Rentals understands the importance of being able to have a place for music to be played at your party or event as well as a place for dancing so we have DJ booth rentals, indoor/outdoor dance floors and 3 kinds of tents to contain everything.

The 3 kinds of tent rentals that customers can book for their parties and events are the standard style tent, elite style tent and circus style tent. Each style comes in different sizes. Choose the size tent that fits the number of guests you are expecting to attend. The 10’x10’ tent is the right size when you are expecting between 6 and 8 guests, the 12’x12’ is perfect for 8 to 12 guests, and the 10’x20 for parties of 20 to 24. If you are having a larger gathering there are tents big enough to accommodate including the 16’x16’ which holds 28 to 36 people comfortably, the 20’x20’ for between 36 and 42 guests, the 20’x30’ tent is right for 48 to 64 guests, and for really large parties the 20’x40’ tent will accommodate 68 to 80 people and the 20’x60’ tent will hold 100 to 120 of your guests. You can of course also order more than one tent.

The Best Tent Rentals From Party Patrol Rentals

What are tent rentals without tent accessories such as tables and chairs for under the tent so your guests can sit and eat comfortably or accent lighting so your guests can see once it gets dark? Northampton MA customers will appreciate the options we offer regarding these accessories including banquet style tables, round wooden tables, stackable chairs in tan or white and traditional white folding chairs. As far as tent lighting we have globe lighting which adds a touch of elegance as well as increased amount of lighting to the tent area and rope accent lighting for that majestic look that really makes a tent look pretty at night. Guests will really enjoy themselves as they listen to the music and dance the night away.

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