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Holland Massachusetts

    Holland party rentals is another popular town for tent rentals for weddings. Most of the parties we do in Holland are for either graduation parties or weddings. Like Wales, Holland is a great location for outdoor weddings. At any outdoor wedding, a tent is a must, just in case it rains and to shield your guests from hot summer sun. If you decide to rent sides for the tents as well, they also help to eliminate bugs too. Our elite tent rentals are the perfect elegant look for a wedding. We also set up and deliver the tents for weddings at least a day before to ensure that our delivery is the last thing on your mind, especially the day before your wedding. Everything is always professionally installed and anchored down to make sure it is safe. If anchoring is not possible by stakes due to a hard surface like concrete, we also offer water weights to anchor the tent. We take every precaution when it comes to safety. 

    Deliverable town-Holland MA

    If you are looking to save a few dollars, we offer pick ups of our standard tents and bounce houses from our Southampton location. Either item will fit into a pick up truck or SUV and can be set up with 2-3 people. We provide written instructions and walk you through the process when you come to pick it up so you do not have to worry about being confused when setting up. 


    One of the reasons we come so highly recommended is because of
    our service. All of our units are kept in prestine condition and cleaned between each use. We always sanitize our inflatables before each use and nothing is ever stored wet because that is how mold grows. When our equipment starts to look old and worn down, we get rid of it and replace it with a new item. This ensures that our customers are always getting the best of the best. We also deliver all of our units on time, either a day early or at least an hour before your party starts and leave it as long as possible. As a company that is fully licensed and insured, Party Patrol Rentals is a great choice for your rental in Holland. 

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