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Florence Massachusetts

    Florence is one of our busiest towns for party rentals during the summer. It is most popular for bounce house rentals for things like birthday parties and summer BBQ’s. We also have
    a few repeat customers who rent every 4th of July. Those customers like to try out the new things we get each year and they always love what they get! Our Florence customers love that our units arrive on time, and sometimes even the day before! The units they get are also always clean and look almost brand new. 


    In our first year of business, we did a party for the library in Florence. They rented 3 standard tents for a giant event they were having in the fall. The tents were being set up in the parking lot of the library so they needed to rent water weights as well to anchor the tent. They were so happy that the tents were properly anchored and it was safe for everyone to be under them all weekend long. A few years later, the woman who organized the library event was having her own party at her house and thought of us to rent a tent. She was so happy that all those years later, the tent prices were still the same and even the same secretary was still with our company! She was so kind and was thrilled to rent with us again! 

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    One of our least favorite things to do as a business is turn down customers because we are all out of everything. If you are looking to rent an inflatable or tent in Florence, please call in advance to reserve to make sure you get something. In the busy summer months, we rent out of almost everything we have every weekend. In the fall, we rent out of bounce houses every weekend, so be sure to call ahead of time so you can get a rental. We hate to turn away business! If you are looking to rent a water slide, it would be a good idea to call a month or two in advance because those rent out at least a month ahead of time. We require a minimum $35 deposit on rentals, so call today! Also ask about our weekday rental prices!

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